Sunday, June 16, 2013

Felt Fairy Houses

Most dollhouses lovers usually create their works of art in wood, plywood, a bit of papier-mache....but ever thought of felt? Craft bloggers with their amazing talent for using any medium at their disposal have created truly, wonderful, magical spaces for the fairy-folk...and you can try your hand at creating them too as they are super-easy as well as super-gorgeous!
Red Riding Hood by Cuckoo Nest

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cynthia's Summer Rose Cottage

Cynthia's made this lovely miniature house from a kit called the Orchid by Greenleaf dollhouses.
 In Cynthia's words  "In my mind, this cottage is most likely sitting on a beautiful piece of property on the Island of Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard. She provides weekends away with best girlfriends and romantic vacations for me and my sweetheart :) She's tiny, but all our needs are met here. That's the simple version of what "Summer Rose" means to me."

Though I'd already posted about Cynthia's miniatures, I just couldn't resist pictures of her Summer Rose cottage. Its' the most charming cottage that ever was - with every little detail perfect - dinner out on the table, dishes in the sink, enticing dishes of macarron and other delicacies, floor rugs, mats, softy-plumpy sofas, elegant vintage chairs and other knickknacks and best of all a lovely cosy-cosy bed to sink into at the end of a long dolly day!

creams, whites and soft pinks for a feminine, romantic tea setting
Love the China hutch with the cake, utensils, books, teapot...everything so homey and yet so divine

Fresh laundry with the scent of lavender - a scent of delight for every homemaker

 Dishes in the sink - detergent, soap, tea towel to the rescue
Love the little blackboard menu over the oven

Nothing better than a plate of cupcakes nestling next to a vase of lilies

Vintage cookbooks - a must to make dishes the way grandmama did

What kitchen can be complete without canned pickles in stock?

A warm cosy fireplace for those winter nights

Candle-lit dinner with just the family. So love the gingham seat covers and the carpet with red ticking

Cynthia's love for the artwork of Susan Branch is reflected in this little painting

Chintz armchair, footstool, and fire logs...what more does one need for comfort?

Love the feminine details like the hatbox and flower vase in the bathroom

And then we come to the bedroom

We kick off our shoes and sink into a nice, warm bed and off to build castles in the air in doll-land!!

Cynthia's Cottage Design

Cynthia's Cottage design has been a much-loved, very familiar blog for those who are fans of the shabby chic style. So boy did I got a pleasant surprise after I came back from a long blogging break. The talented Cynthia, who was an interior designer, has now turned her sights on houses on a much, much smaller scale that she used to earlier work on. After seeing her work, I'm sure you'll be as much bowled over as I was. Do check out her Etsy shop too!
Lovely picnic arrangement with scrumptious food set out

Sweet dining room set-up with lovely floral details

Tea for two? Care to join?

Bringing a real glow to Christmas

Such, sweet, sweet, bakery-sweet details

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thank You Teresa!

These are my cherished gifts from Teresa Martínez, all the way from Spain! Earlier this year, she mailed me a copy of the Miniaturas magazine where my doll, Sunehra, was featured. Along with the magazine, she sent me her wonderful creations of marmalade and the Christmas wreath. My photos don't do justice to the detail ... if you could only see the itsy bitsy slices of lemon and qiwi! From the bottom of my heart, Teresa, Thank You!

For more minis by Teresa Martínez, visit:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

144th Scale Woodshire Fairy Dwelling ~ Pat Carlson

"Usually, the Fairies of the Woodshire live in simple nests...sometimes in the trees of the enchanted forest or in the hollows of fragrant leaves on the ground, or in a cozy cave upon a hillside. But if the Dreamweaver sends a sleeping fairy a dream of living in a cottage it is then their destiny to build that cottage. Only natural resources of the realm may be used, so the Fairy must wander the forests and fields of the realm, gathering the wood and stones they will need to complete their dwelling, no matter how long it takes. Once the Cottage is completed, the Dreamweaver grants them peace, and the Fairy can cease wandering and live happily in their dwelling."

"The Fairies of the Woodshire Realm often say...
May the Peace of the Dreamweaver always be with you. "

"The outside of the Cottage is landscaped with pretty flowers and bushes. A lavender-flowered vine trails up to the rooftop garden and over the roof."

"Inside, a fireplace warms the main room of the Cottage. A chair sits comfortably in front of a bookcase filed with potions and books, and a basket next to the chair holds the latest Fairy News. The skylight in the dining room offers warm sunlight during the day and a view of the stars at night."

"This fairy once lived in a nest in the trees of the enchanted forest when the Dreamweaver sent him the dream of living in a Cottage. The fairy knew they would miss the gentle motion of the swaying trees, so they designed a hanging bed for their sleeping quarters."

~ Pat Carlson

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

In celebration of the new year, here are some fabulous photos by Linda Carswell of Une Petite Folie. The wine bottles are by Hanneke, French pastries by English Kitchen, flan and pizza by Sarah Maloney, macarons by Linda Cummings, citron tarts by Sandrine Chauvin, cupcakes by Christel Jensen, heart shaped cookies, cakes and scones by Kim Saulter. What better way to celebrate the new year?