Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had been saving the single peacock feather in my bead-box forever, and wanted to make the doll that would hold it in her hands. Keya's dress and ornaments are inspired by the jewel tones picked from the peacock feather, which was later turned into a fan with tiny beads creating the handle. Keya will be leaving for Zambia in July as a gift to a friend ...

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wizards Hollow ~ Rachel Pace

"This magical one of a kind original piece is called "Wizards Hollow". A place where magic, and enchantment is made! I have had this house in my mind for a very long time, but the right piece of wood had not presented itself to me until one day recently when I was out foraging for wood in the forest near my house, the fairies led me to this perfect tree limb, and immediately I knew it was time to create the house that I had been envisioning for so long!"

"The house itself is 15" wide (21" at it's widest points from roof tip to branches on the right) and 23" tall. It took me almost five days of careful care to make this amazing piece ( at least 50 hours of work). Some of the special features of this house include an enormous Quartz Crystal from the mountains of Wyoming which hangs over the entrance way. it is 1" wide and 4" long and is simply beautiful, and when the lights of the house are on, it lights up with a warm and magical glow ! Other features include garnet worked into the roof surrounding the entrance, & cobalt blue glass worked into the roof above the wizards work table that looks simply amazing when the light shines in from the back. Below this window, on the wizards table , is an assortment of wonderful items, one of which is the tiniest set of Rune Stones ever made!!! There is also a wizards staff topped with a very small, but perfectly clear tiny quartz crystal point., and three handmade leather bound books, one of which has a picture and writing in the ancient Runic script. Every piece of furniture is made by hand with loving care. This house comes with battery operated lights AND a set of fiber optic lights meticulously worked into the branches of the tree!"

~ Rachel Pace

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The Two Level Fairy House at Mystic Woods ~ Rachel Pace

"Deep in the forest, nestled under the ferns, is the exact place where you will stumble upon this magical wonder! This beautiful, original, one of a kind fairy house is made with exquisite attention to detail that will have you transported to another place and time when you look into it!"

"Many hours where spent to make this piece extra special, and I'm sure it will delight and enchant you. This fairy house comes with a brilliant set of battery operated lights ( batteries included with purchase) that have been turned into fairy chandeliers using flowers, and the effect is simply magical when they are on. Filled with lots of faerie treasure and things that sparkle, what fairy could resist moving into a house this cozy and adorable?"

~ Rachel Pace

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Great American Dollhouse Museum

The Great American Dollhouse Museum is located in Danville, Kentucky. Visit their website at

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Owl Post ~ Mary Tran

Welcome to the Owl Post ~ the most reliable Air Mail Service of the Wizarding World. Drop off your parcels and parchments, and rest assured they will reach Hogwarts Castle safely and on time. While you are here, do go around the back and check out the wanted posters ...

This Harry Potter inspired 1:12 scale post office was created by artist Mary Tran. For more minis by Mary, visit:

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tree House ~ Penny Thomson

The Tree House was exhibited at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in 2007. To view more minis by Penny Thomson, visit: