Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hallow Manor by S. Mignoli

Welcome to a tour of Hallow Manor by my favorite Halloween Dollhouse Artist S. Mignoli. The house has a loft overlooking the living room, with a skeleton in a casket and a working flickering tea light. The kitchen features the artist's hand-sculpted miniature witch tea service and "Thing," the hand in the box. The Ghost Doll is a Re-Dead, not to be confused with Re-Born, as the artist likes to point out! My favorite was the weathered mural wallpaper and the cat hanging from the tree branch greeting the trick-or-treaters.

To find S. Mignoli on eBay, visit:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Harry Potter Castle by Mary Ann Stage

As a continuation of her Harry Potter project, artist Mary Ann Stage has completed her second HP Castle. I have been a fan of Ms. Stage since I featured her Hogwarts Castle last July. The new castle depicts some of the rooms that were not featured in the first castle: for example, the dining hall, the requirement room, the chess game room, Snape's classroom and Dumbledore's room to name a few.

To view all the Harry Potter dollhouses by Mary Ann Stage, visit:

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Medusa

I loved Medusa when she was a child,
Her rich brown tresses heaped in crispy curl
Where now those locks with reptile passion whirl,
By hate into dishevelled serpents coiled.
I loved Medusa when her eyes were mild,
Whose glances, narrowed now, perdition hurl,
As her self-tangled hairs their mass unfurl,
Bristling the way she turns with hissings wild.

Her mouth I kissed when curved with amorous spell,
Now shaped to the unuttered curse of hell,
Wide open for death’s orbs to freeze upon;
Her eyes I loved ere glazed in icy stare,
Ere mortals, lured into their ruthless glare,
She shrivelled in her gaze to pulseless stone.

-- Thomas Gordon Hake, The Infant Medusa.

As told by Ovid in Metamorphoses, Medusa was a beautiful young woman whose crowning glory was her magnificent long hair. She was desired and courted by countless suitors. Yet, before she could be betrothed to a husband, Poseidon (Neptune) found her worshipping in the temple of Athena (Minerva) and ravished her. Outraged at her sacred temple being violated, Athena punished Medusa by turning her beautiful tresses into snakes and giving her the destructive power to turn anyone who looked directly at her into stone.

My Medusa holds a stone heart in her palm -- blazing red with the torment that burns within her.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's ALL about imagination

I've had some posts ready for a while, but I'm so intimidated by the incredible craftsmanship showcased on this site.

Today I'll take a chance and share something from a recent show.

Dollhouse and Miniatures shows always inspire me! I attended one in El Sobrante, California over the weekend and had a chance to meet some wonderful artists. I was impressed by the creativity shown in the photo above -- the artist had looked beyond a box of detergent and seen the possibilities! The miniature laundry area is cleverly crafted.

I did something similar years ago with a gallon container of ice cream and a mini soda fountain. Now I'm looking around for something different. A kitchen in an oatmeal carton? A bakery in a box of sugar? The possibilities are endless and kind to the environment.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Victorian Manor by Genevieve Rindner

This Victorian House was built in 1979 by the well-known New Jersey miniaturist and doll house collector/enthusiast, Genevieve Rindner. This doll house is a replica of a residence in St. Stephens, Ontario, Canada. The house sold for $440 on eBay last week.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spellweaver Witch's Shop by Lisa Kline

For all Halloween mini-lovers out there, I present the Spellweaver Witch's Shop by artist Lisa Kline. My most favorite thing among many is the little sign that hangs outside, advertising the List of Services ranging from fixing fairy wings to hex removal! So, in the words of the artist herself, a tour of the Spellweaver Witch's Shop...

Well known throughout the Enchanted Woods "Spellweavers" is for sale! Just in time for the Halloween Season!!

The shop was established in 1857 and has been a favorite source of supplies and books for Witches, Wizards, Sorcerers and Village healers. The shop will come with all you see here. Plenty of room to add much more , but this will certainly get you started. The current Witch (taking a rest upstairs after a hard day over the Cauldron) comes along with the shop.

Downstairs there is a shop counter with cash register. Sign on counter gives the payment accepted. "All major cards accepted, Also Cash, Pearls, Gold, Magic Beans, Goats and Toads."

Next we have a Bookcase filled with spellbooks and charts, and a tub of Very hard to gather "Vulture Eggs", also a barrel of Mugwort sold in bulk.

A shelf filled with Alter Cloth fabric, Crystal balls and Skulls. (Every work-bench needs at least one skull).

In the center of the shop is a Reading Table complete with Crystal Ball and tarot Cards. Readings are usually made around Midnight.

A lovely corner unit holds Spell charts, Witch-fired Spell scrolls, Herbs and potions. Under the window is a ceramic stand Holding Besoms. They have been fully charged under a full moon and are a very economical form of travel, "Spell-Powered." A little shop bell will let you know if anyone comes in the shop, Invisible or slithering under the door.

Oh Looks like there are a few little guys on the Porch now waiting for the shop to open. I imagine they are looking for a Hex-Breaking spell.

Upstairs we have a bed, dresser and Gargoyle torch.

There is a sign on the side that reads "Services Listed---- Fairy-wings Fixed, Wands Polished, Broom Cleaning, Forest Animal Care, Hex Removal, Elves Made Visible, Trolls transformed.

You can find Lisa Kline online:
eBay ID: millie98
Etsy ID: LilWitchy