Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Casbah Miniature Creations

If your dolls have an exotic taste in furniture, they might want to visit Casbah Miniature Creations. I love the brocades and laces and the rich jewel tones that Natalie picks to upholster her furniture. To see more minis by Natalie of Casbah Miniature Creations, visit her Greenleaf Forum Gallery. Her new website will be up and running very soon at

Friday, July 24, 2009

144th Scale Woodshire Fairy Herbalist Cottage ~ Pat Carlson

"In a sunny glade in the forest of the Woodshire Fairies, the Herbalist carefully prepares herbal remedies and potions. Enchanted sunlight pours through the sky light in the ceiling, drying the herbs hanging from the rafters. Rare, special herbs are hung on the drying rack in front of the large picture window, where they gather nutrients and magic from the rays of the moon and the sun..."

"Inside the Cottage, there is a tiny table and bench where the Herbalist prepares his herbal remedies and potions in an herb-filled bowl and basket. Rafters loaded with drying herbs take in the sun from the sky light in the ceiling. Shelves full of scrolls, potion bottles, and herbs line the wall on either side of the faux stained glass window. A drying room off to the side of the main room is brightly lit by a large picture window where herbs fill a drying rack, taking in the rays of the sun and the moon."

"Upon the front door on the outside of the cottage is an arrangement of special herbs, symbolizing the Herbalist. A pretty filigree window lets more light into the drying room. A Greenman oversees the picture window, insuring the rays of the moon and the sun are safely admitted."

~ Pat Carlson

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

144th Scale Woodshire Fairy Scribe Cottage ~ Pat Carlson

"In the enchanted realm of the Woodshire Fairies, it takes many years of study to become a Scribe. The responsibilities bestowed upon one worthy of this distinguished title must carefully transcribe the literature of the Woodshire Fairies upon Fine Parchment scrolls and within finely bound books which are to be preserved through the eternities. To this end, the Woodshire Scribe is given a special cottage in which to work and store these precious tomes..."

"Inside the Cottage, there is a tiny desk and chair illuminated by a 'stained glass' window and a crystal lantern (these do not actually light). You can see by the runick writing upon the scroll on the desk that the Woodshire Scribe has been hard at work. Fine Parchment scrolls fill a basket and a tall bookcase in the corner...more scrolls litter the floor. A tiny reproduction of 'The Captured Unicorn' from the Unicorn Tapestry collection hangs over the staircase."

"Upstairs in the loft is a bookcase filled with tiny books and scrolls, and piles of more scrolls on the floor."

"Over the door on the outside of the cottage is the symbol of the Scribe...a scroll and feather. The yard is landscaped with walkway lined with stones and flowers, and a tiny fence surrounds the side yards where trees share their shade with the cottage.

~ Pat Carlson

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Driftwood Fairy House ~ Julie McLaughlin

"Welcome to my imagination and the miniature world of fairies! For your consideration, I offer my latest OOAK (One of a Kind) FAIRY HOUSE dollhouse made from SOLID WOOD with beautiful organic DRIFTWOOD elements. I incorporated 20+ interesting pieces of the driftwood to form this tiny abode. All but one piece of driftwood was left intact (uncut, as found) to form into interesting WINDOWS, NICHES, HAND RAILS, STAIRS, etc., letting the natural forms create the fantasy architecture! A leaded glass BAY WINDOW and glass-paned TURRET are attached to the 6-sided DINING AREA which perches atop the structure accessed by curvy stairs and railing. GENUINE CRYSTALS, LOTS of sparkly VINTAGE JEWELRY bits, pretty SILK FLORALS, MOSSES, and realistic faux MUSHROOMS bring this miniature structure's details to life."

"This home is enchanting from ALL SIDES with surprises and embellishments to be discovered. Underneath, accessed by the back, is the fairy's SLEEPING CHAMBER. It is paved with slate and has an outdoor BATHING AREA. This home sits on a wooden TURN TABLE BASE for easy viewing and handling."

"The home is simply furnished for a basic fairy lifestyle. All furniture has been handcrafted or embellished by myself to be rustic, yet beautiful, custom made to fit into the spaces provided. DINING AREA INCLUDES: Table, chair, buffet, lighted lantern (battery operated) and flower gathering basket. SLEEPING CHAMBER INCLUDES: Bed, trunk (filled with crystals), night table with working lantern (battery operated) and antique doily crocheted rug. MANY MORE ITEMS and minis are permanently affixed and cannot be moved, such as the driftwood BATHTUB accessorized with tiny soap, sponge, crystal shampoo bottle, etc. "

~ Julie McLaughlin

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