Monday, July 30, 2007

Hard to believe They are Miniatures

Today I had the pleasure of stumbling "yes stumbling" upon a wonderfully amazing website of an artist who creates fascinating scenes in miniature. Hila Rosenberg Arazi is the miniaturist and her site is simply as amazing as all her artistic creations are. She is not only a wonderful mini artesian she is also an illustrator, animator an graphic artist. At only 27 years young, she certainly is an inspiring person to be featured here in the Dollhouse Minis blog.

I spend quite some time ewing and awing over all the tiny creations Hila creates. I am almost sure she is very talented with the use of polymer clay. There is lots to see there so get a cup of java or other preferred beverage of choice and take some time to look at her site.

I have been quite inspired to make such things as her wonderful "Handed Tub', much the same as a footed tub but you will see with the tiny hands and tiny purple painted fingernails as the tubs feet makes it very difficult to call it a "footed" tub. You will see many versions of perfume bottles and atomizers, lotions and notions, artwork, toiletries, faucets and even tiles I am sure were all created from polymer or air dried clays. If you did not know it from an artists or other miniaturists point of view you would not realize at all what many of her creations are made of. In fact you would be hard pressed to believe that what you are viewing is as tiny as she claims they are. Take a look and you will see what I am bragging about here. Then come back an comment on what you thought about it all.

I am sure you will just love Hila's website, its just filled with a montage of artistic eye candy, inspiration and lots of WOW factors. Whimsical furnishings and amazement an wonder of just what is that made from questions. Be sure to click on all the thumbnail images for a bigger picture. Everything right down to the friends and families sites and blogs she links to is just amazing, so plan some time to go and check it out. Again do come back and tell us what you thought of it.

By Cre8!

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Shelley Noble said...

I could not have said it better myself! I am a HUGE fan of Hila's artistry. I feel she is the finest "miniaturist" or detail miniature artist I ever seen on earth!

It's much more than the sheer detail and beauty in her works. It's also a marvelous quality of imagination and the sense of place she creates!

I've seen artisans reproduce items in micro miniature but in Hila's hands the world becomes magical!