Monday, November 12, 2007

Titania's Palace

Titania's Palace was constructed by the English painter and officer Sir Neville Wilkinson from 1907 to 1922.

Sir Wilkinson's daughter Gwendolyn claimed to have seen a fairy running under the roots of a tree, in the woods beside their home at Mount Merrion House. She was convinced that they lived in holes in the ground and deserved to have a fine house in which to live instead!

The palace consists of 18 rooms and salons, which contain hand-carved mahogany furniture. There are 3000 tiny works of art and miniatures from around the world on display inside the palace. The palace used to be displayed at Legoland, Denmark, but has found a new home in Egeskov Castle in Denmark now.

There is a miniature replica of Titania's Palace called Tara's Palace that is on display in Malahide Castle, Dublin.

Here is the link she gave me, and you can take a look yourself:

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