Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making Memories® Embellishment Center & Desktop Carousel

Making Memories® Embellishment Center & Desktop Carousel
For my USA and Canada friends and readers (As Michael's is only in US and Canada) other do read on on as the same can be made if your handy with wood and or know someone who is....

I had to tell you about this since I just now got word of it and think its a very nice way to display your craft materials and supplies while keeping them where they can be seen in a nice organized way. I am all about organization and keeping things in sight so they can be used, I have learned the hard way from my past ways and don't want you all to follow in my old footsteps.

I did not yet find out the price and know I probably could not afford to get one even for myself this year, but if I could I would purchase one for all my crafty friends. Since I can not though, I thought why not at least let you all know about it so if you have those last minute lists for Santa you can add it, and or maybe the handyman in your life can make you one similar. It looks rather easy.

I have a few shadow boxes I already use in my work studio and aside from the dowel that holds rolls of craft ribbon which I don't have, everything else is pretty much the same less the decorative molding along the top. I have no troubles finding what I need and things now are actually being used while at the same time I am not running out for things I could have swore I already had but could not find and yet have that project that still requires it. So out to the store to spend more money to get whatever it is again. Don't you know I always find the ones I already thought I had once I have already gone out to get more!

My resolution for the new year is to be even more organized than I already am and to use up lots of the clay and other craft items I have laying around for that "Need it one day" situation BEFORE THEY ALL DRY OUT and get WASTED. I say the days are coming in the New Year, and 2008 is going to be a Craftabulous Year!!!(do not seek a definition this is a Cre8 Cre8ted word!!!)

Enjoy the holiday and the information. You get it at Michael's Crafts or make one yourself!

Oh yeah and carousel is also a nice way to keep you clay sculpting and other tools you need to keep handy. If you have a Lazy Suzan and some time, some cardboard roll tubes from toilet paper or even paper towels you can make your own!

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