Monday, February 2, 2009

Of Horses & Flowers

I was over at Golden Unicorn Minis, and was so delighted to see so many pretty pictures of her flowers, bonsai trees and miniature gardens.

Her links are:

Floral props for Model Horses

Etsy: Golden Unicorn Minis

Ebay: Miniatures for dollhouse and Model Horse Collectors
Her blog is a lively account of the wonderful things she makes. She also seems to share my passion for horses.

"The Model Horse Collectors take their horses to 'live' shows which are based on real-life equestrian shows/events.And some collectors show their horses with "set-ups", i.e., miniature jumps, dressage arenas, ground obstacles, etc. And she supplies them with the flowers...hmmm...a minature florist.

Do read her story about horses & flowers.

1 comment:

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

the horses are so detailed ... I will have to consider adding a stable to my dollhouse :)