Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life at Mornington Mews ~ Robin Carey

Mr. & Mrs. Thornberry live in Mornington Mews. The full cast of characters for the house includes Dr. Charles (standing beside the Thornberrys) the personal physician and long time family friend, the butler, downstairs maid, chamber maid, footman, chef, cook, cellar man, gardener, chimney sweep, Mrs. Thornberry’s attending, and Mr. Finny a local character, and the tramp that always finds a hot meal due to the kindness of the cook.

Mrs. Thornberry is having her birthday in a few days, and Mr. Thornberry has purchased her a lovely emerald necklace which he is showing Dr. Charles. Mr. Thornberry, as you can see, has suffered a mishap and broken his leg.

Yes it is a house elf! Every house should have one...

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dora said...

I love your cottage and his characters, it has been all precious. Congratulations

Jericho said...

It's a very beautiful dollhouse! I wish i could also create that kind of house for my nephew.
by the way, i recently added you to my links! :)

Papillon Bleu said...

What a wonderful idea to share everything here!!!