Friday, October 30, 2009

144th Scale Haunted House ~ Pat Carlson

A spoooooky, 144th scale Haunted House ...
... see the tiny pumpkin and the grave in the back?

Oooooo...what's going on inside?!?

... the Witch Sisters are sipping spoiled tea and eating rotten cookies while looking into their crystal ball for unaware Trick-or- Treaters!! AND...they have company!

...Mr. Frank N. Stein is lounging on the settee in the dormer! Somebody peel him a rotten grape!


Sharrieboberry said...

Frank is looking quite dapper, lounging upstairs!

Amaret said...

Oh my!!

It's amazing!

pumpkin said...

beautiful hand made.. this is a unique!!
Uniqueness Country

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