Sunday, March 23, 2008

Animal Auctions by CraftersStudio

Happy Easter everyone! Today I'd like to share these beautiful little animals by CDHM Artisan Susan Cobb. I was checking out the Artist's Offerings section last night on eBay and first stumbled upon her Raccoon, then a Rabbit and then finally a tiny Sugarglider.

All of her items are hand-crafted without the use of molds, and come straight from her imagination. They are full of wonder and whimsy and they look real.

eBay Auction ID: 320230844499

eBay Auction ID: 320230460501

eBay Auction ID: 320230294433

After finding these auctions, I headed over to Susan's CDHM gallery as I hadn't visited it for a few months and really, it's just wonderful.

Here are some of the unique mini animals she makes:

She also makes OOAK (one of a kind) character dolls!

You can check out more of Susan's work at her CDHM gallery


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Those animal are amazing! It boogles my mind to begin to think how they were made!

smehreen said...

I love the racoon! :D