Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spellweaver Witch's Shop by Lisa Kline

For all Halloween mini-lovers out there, I present the Spellweaver Witch's Shop by artist Lisa Kline. My most favorite thing among many is the little sign that hangs outside, advertising the List of Services ranging from fixing fairy wings to hex removal! So, in the words of the artist herself, a tour of the Spellweaver Witch's Shop...

Well known throughout the Enchanted Woods "Spellweavers" is for sale! Just in time for the Halloween Season!!

The shop was established in 1857 and has been a favorite source of supplies and books for Witches, Wizards, Sorcerers and Village healers. The shop will come with all you see here. Plenty of room to add much more , but this will certainly get you started. The current Witch (taking a rest upstairs after a hard day over the Cauldron) comes along with the shop.

Downstairs there is a shop counter with cash register. Sign on counter gives the payment accepted. "All major cards accepted, Also Cash, Pearls, Gold, Magic Beans, Goats and Toads."

Next we have a Bookcase filled with spellbooks and charts, and a tub of Very hard to gather "Vulture Eggs", also a barrel of Mugwort sold in bulk.

A shelf filled with Alter Cloth fabric, Crystal balls and Skulls. (Every work-bench needs at least one skull).

In the center of the shop is a Reading Table complete with Crystal Ball and tarot Cards. Readings are usually made around Midnight.

A lovely corner unit holds Spell charts, Witch-fired Spell scrolls, Herbs and potions. Under the window is a ceramic stand Holding Besoms. They have been fully charged under a full moon and are a very economical form of travel, "Spell-Powered." A little shop bell will let you know if anyone comes in the shop, Invisible or slithering under the door.

Oh Looks like there are a few little guys on the Porch now waiting for the shop to open. I imagine they are looking for a Hex-Breaking spell.

Upstairs we have a bed, dresser and Gargoyle torch.

There is a sign on the side that reads "Services Listed---- Fairy-wings Fixed, Wands Polished, Broom Cleaning, Forest Animal Care, Hex Removal, Elves Made Visible, Trolls transformed.

You can find Lisa Kline online:
eBay ID: millie98
Etsy ID: LilWitchy


Suzanne Dargie said...

I do believe that kit is the same one I used for my Curiosity Shoppe. Cute idea!

MiniMaker said...

I love it Witchy! You've inspired me to get back to work on my witch's cottage!;)

Tracy M. said...

Oh, I simply love this little house. I am working on one right now.
Would love to see more

Kat57 said...

Every time I come back and look,it just amazes me what you have done with a simple little Dura-Craft Ashley,which is usually all pink and/or girly! What uniqueness and fun!~Kat