Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Miniature Memories in Charleston, SC

I was privileged to visit Miniature Memories in Charleston, SC while visiting for the weekend with friends recently. Not only is it jam-packed with every conceivable miniature item but many are artisan quality and by local artisans. And in the back is a Miniature Museum featuring room boxes by many nationally and internationally known miniature artisans. Above is Barnabus Collins of Collinwood by Andrea Ledford. Next is a Christmas room box by Brooke Tucker.

The following one is Robert E. Lee's living room by Tony Jones, and the last is Scrooge and the ghost of Jacob Marley created by Andrea and Steven Ledford. You can visit their website here:

And this is the interior of the shop as you go in--case after case of miniatures, Christmas trees decorated beyond belief, dollhouses of every shape and description and then a museum in the back. I was with two friends who aren't miniaturists and we were having a girls weekend but even they were in awe and marveling at everything! I wanted to live there. it's really a good thing I'm about four hours away in the Upstate of SC or I'd be poorer than I currently am! You can see their website here and they welcome people calling to see what's in stock and they will gladly ship:

And lastly, I'd like to thank Smehreen for inviting me to contribute. I am passionate about miniatures and hope to find my niche in that realm one day. You can visit me at Mini Leaps and Bounds and please leave a comment to let me know you've been to 'see' me!

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