Wednesday, July 15, 2009

144th Scale Woodshire Fairy Scribe Cottage ~ Pat Carlson

"In the enchanted realm of the Woodshire Fairies, it takes many years of study to become a Scribe. The responsibilities bestowed upon one worthy of this distinguished title must carefully transcribe the literature of the Woodshire Fairies upon Fine Parchment scrolls and within finely bound books which are to be preserved through the eternities. To this end, the Woodshire Scribe is given a special cottage in which to work and store these precious tomes..."

"Inside the Cottage, there is a tiny desk and chair illuminated by a 'stained glass' window and a crystal lantern (these do not actually light). You can see by the runick writing upon the scroll on the desk that the Woodshire Scribe has been hard at work. Fine Parchment scrolls fill a basket and a tall bookcase in the corner...more scrolls litter the floor. A tiny reproduction of 'The Captured Unicorn' from the Unicorn Tapestry collection hangs over the staircase."

"Upstairs in the loft is a bookcase filled with tiny books and scrolls, and piles of more scrolls on the floor."

"Over the door on the outside of the cottage is the symbol of the Scribe...a scroll and feather. The yard is landscaped with walkway lined with stones and flowers, and a tiny fence surrounds the side yards where trees share their shade with the cottage.

~ Pat Carlson


Shelley Noble said...

I'm blown away, this is absolutely remarkable! It's amazingly well done!

Lilly Falc√£o said...