Friday, July 24, 2009

144th Scale Woodshire Fairy Herbalist Cottage ~ Pat Carlson

"In a sunny glade in the forest of the Woodshire Fairies, the Herbalist carefully prepares herbal remedies and potions. Enchanted sunlight pours through the sky light in the ceiling, drying the herbs hanging from the rafters. Rare, special herbs are hung on the drying rack in front of the large picture window, where they gather nutrients and magic from the rays of the moon and the sun..."

"Inside the Cottage, there is a tiny table and bench where the Herbalist prepares his herbal remedies and potions in an herb-filled bowl and basket. Rafters loaded with drying herbs take in the sun from the sky light in the ceiling. Shelves full of scrolls, potion bottles, and herbs line the wall on either side of the faux stained glass window. A drying room off to the side of the main room is brightly lit by a large picture window where herbs fill a drying rack, taking in the rays of the sun and the moon."

"Upon the front door on the outside of the cottage is an arrangement of special herbs, symbolizing the Herbalist. A pretty filigree window lets more light into the drying room. A Greenman oversees the picture window, insuring the rays of the moon and the sun are safely admitted."

~ Pat Carlson

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Regina said...

Quanta perfeição... Magnífico. Amei.

Espero que não se importe de mostrar algumas fotos em meu BLOG. Mas qualquer coisa, eu tiro, ok?

Já estou te acompanhando para analisar melhor os trabalhos que me deixaram apaixonada.